Greetings in Jesus Name!

We are certainly living in unprecedented times, unique in the course of history.  While there have been plagues and epidemics before, the way this is playing into the end time culture is amazing.  Any astute student of scripture can see the biblical prophesies unfolding all around us.

I must commend the pastors of Alabama.  I have never been so proud of a group of ministers in my life.  Many were already on the cutting edge of technology, but a large number of us found ourselves immediately in an intense learning curve.  Comfort zones were not just interrupted; they were shattered.  Pastors were placed in very difficult situations and had to make fast decisions.  When a leader has an opinion there are risks attached.  When someone who is not a leader expresses an opinion, it affects only the individual.  Our leaders were making choices that impacted congregations.  What I have seen has amazed me, as pastor after pastor broke through personal barriers in order to connect with their congregations.  It comes down to one observation – we take our call to shepherd the flocks very seriously, and we will do what is necessary to connect.  Connection trumps perfection every time.  I offer a great big thank you to these awesome servants of God.

I want to make you aware of the decision of the Alabama District Board concerning our District Re-opening Plan.  There are many factors that have played into our final decision:

  1. Primarily, the safety and well-being our constituency.
  2. The financial considerations of planning and enacting state meetings.
  3. The security or insecurity that parents feel concerning releasing their children at this time.
  4. The ability of our churches to support district events when they are trying to re-open local assemblies.

With these factors and several others to consider, the Alabama District Board, along with appropriate ministry teams, are bringing to you our re-opening plans for Alabama.

Opening Plan for Alabama UPCI

  • May – June – dedicate this time to reopening our local assemblies and building local church strength.
  • July – August – dedicate this time to opening our section and resuming sectional events if possible.
  • September – begin launching and planning future district events.

Proposed Alabama Schedule

Youth Camp

  • Youth have been doing weekly devotions for several weeks.
  • They intend to have Rema Duncan prerecord a message and launch a FB Live service on Friday Night, June 5, 2020.
  • On Thursday and/or Friday do some live Q & A with the students of Alabama and District Leaders.

Crusader Camp

  • Crusader Camp is holding a virtual event:
    • Alabama District Virtual Crusader Camp 2020
    • DATES: June 16 – 18 (Wednesday through Friday)
    • TIME: 6:30 PM Nighty
    • SCHEDULE: Lesson 1: Repentance, Lesson 2: Baptism, Lesson 3: Holy Ghost
    • STAFF: Sis Carter (teacher), Sis Holly (variety time), Sis Meeks (teacher), Sis Kayla (teacher)
    • EVANGELIST: Jonathan & Ashley Dudeck

Camp Meeting

  • Virtual Camp Meeting June 10-12, 2020. (Encourage Churches to do Watch Parties.)
    • Wednesday Night, 7 P.M. – Ordination Service (Live from The Sanctuary in Hartselle, Alabama)
      • Praise Team – The Sanctuary
      • District Superintendent Stan Davidson preaching live, ordination service.
    • Thursday Night, 7 P.M. – Camp Meeting Service (Virtual Service)
      • Praise Team – Directed by T. J. Walton, Minister of Music
      • Minister – Doug Klinedinst
    • Friday Night, 7 P.M. – Camp Meeting Service (Virtual Service)
      • Praise Team – Directed by T. J. Walton, Minister of Music
      • Minister – Matthew Tuttle

District Conference – Due to uncertainty, District Conference is cancelled until further notice, with all business to be deferred until 2021.  All offices will be elected then, with those due in 2020 elected for a one-year term.

Hyphen Camp – July 16-18, 2020

  • Troy University
  • Leave as scheduled until further notice.

Bridge Conference – The Alabama District Board has endorsed this conference.

  • August 12-14, 2020
  • The Sanctuary, Bessemer, Alabama
    • Greg Frazier
    • Cody Marks
    • Larry Booker

We thank you for your patience and consideration.  This is in no way a retreat from the work of God.  We simply believe that our primary focus should be on the health of the local assembly.

Several major offerings are being received during this time.  Save Our Children, Mother’s Memorial, Father’s Day, and Sheaves for Christ.  Missionaries will also need to re-launch deputation.  Most of our churches have maintained decent finances throughout this crisis, so we ask you to help with these offerings for many ministries depend on these funds.  However, we understand that restoring our local churches is our priority.  There will be no pressure to give, but we do believe that, if we all do our best, the miracle will happen.

Thank you for your support and call us if you need us.
Stanley Davidson
Alabama District Superintendent