Alabama District UPCI Purpose Institute

Spring Semester starts February 4-5. To Register click here

Apostolic Ministry, Methods, and Doctrine

Purpose Institute is a ministry training institution that partners with local Apostolic trainers anywhere in the world. PI enables trainers to develop leader’s ministry skills and to clarify their individual purpose. Purpose Institute supports the local mission by providing curriculum and systems that are adaptable and accessible ministry training resources.


The Life and Ministry of Christ
Instructor: Kendall Bozeman

Apostolic Patterns and Methods II
Instructor: Tony Roberts

The Ministry of the Apostles I
Instructor: Todd Bertram

Pastoral Studies:
Instructor: Anthony Roberts


Historical Books
Instructor: Philip Harrelson

Equipping the Apostolic Minister II
Instructor: Roderick Anderson

The Book of Revelation
Instructor: Philip Trawick

Guests Ministries
Instructor: Stan Davidson


The Tabernacle
Instructor: Joseph Frierson

The Oneness of God
Instructor: Timothy Morey

The Ministry of the Apostles II
Instructor: Rick Craft

Pastoral Studies I
Instructor: Charles Rogers


Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ
Instructor: Chris Barber

The Ministry of the Apostles I
Instructor: Brandon Nero

Apostolic Patterns and Methods II
Instructor: B. J. Hales

Pastoral Studies
Instructor: Steve Breceda