The United Pentecostal Church of Alabama is joining with our International Organization with prayer and fasting.  We are encouraging local churches to team up and support this effort defined in Bishop David Bernard’s Newsletter.

Three Days of Prayer and Fasting
The World Network of Prayer is calling for three days of prayer and fasting on August 4-6. During this period, please spend some time in prayer and fasting for your nation, its national leadership, and the upcoming election in the US.

National Day of Prayer for Religious Liberty
Sunday, August 9 has been designated as the National Day of Prayer for Religious Liberty. We encourage our US churches and constituents to host a “Prayer, Faith, and Freedom” rally at 3 PM local time on that date at your city hall, county administration office, or state capitol building.

The goal of this effort is to bring together people of faith from across the country to pray for our nation and for the protection and preservation of our religious liberties. We are symbolically taking a stand at the seat of human government and praying for the welfare of America. This event is an opportunity for the church to step to the forefront during this time of uncertainty and turmoil.