ABOUT THIS GUIDE – When searching for answers about Live Streaming your church services, the answers and advice are endless. To be honest it is overwhelming for churches that have never streamed before. When my church was thrown into live streaming due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I had to learn a lot in a really short time. I watched video after video, asked anyone I could for advice, spent many hours on reading articles and built spreadsheets to compare the equipment we needed with the budget we had.

None of this made me an expert in the video streaming world, but I did learn a lot. With this guide, I tried to take everything that I learned and make it easy to understand for even those most technologically challenged people. This guide is not about which camera you should buy or what hardware and software you should choose, instead this guide is about finding out what you can stream based on your internet speed and available hardware.

I have talked to several churches that rushed out to spend thousands of dollars on cameras and equipment without ever running a speed test on their internet. Imagine the disappointment of having all this new gear and your speeds not being high enough to support even a low-quality stream. Or having blazing fast internet but not realizing that your old desktop in the
youth room that someone donated back in 2003 isn’t powerful enough to encode an HD signal.

I hope that this information helps someone out as much as it has helped me. We are all on the same team and fighting for the same cause. If my ideas and information can help further the Kingdom somewhere besides my own church, I want to help. Also, if you have any corrections or better ideas that would benefit this guide, by all means, contact me a let me know.

Click the link below to download the guide.

Live Streaming Basics 101 for Churches