A person who does not make provisions for the continuation of his ministry does not believe in his ministry, or he is much too absorbed with self

It is a great revelation when we understand that the Kingdom of God will survive when we are gone.  However, we can facilitate the actions of the next generation by making certain that they do not have to re-fight the same battles.  This generation is the stage on which tomorrow is performed.

In John 7:1 we see that Jesus avoided walking in the domain of the Jews because they sought to kill Him.  Numerous times our Lord told a recipient of a miracle to “tell no man.”  A critical look at these statements would make one doubt Jesus.  Was He afraid of the Jews?  Did He really want to keep His ministry a secret?

There can be but one answer to this dilemma.  What was Jesus primary purpose?  Luke 19:10 tells us that He came to seek and save the lost.  But, to understand the subject of our query, one needs to consider how Jesus would accomplish getting this message of salvation to the world.  The key to the success of Jesus’ ministry was making disciples.

One only has to read the dynamic prayer of Jesus in John 17 to understand how important His disciples were to Him.  The key to the future success of the kingdom was instilling the proper ideas and spirit into twelve men.  Therefore, Jesus had to survive long enough to accomplish this task.

He was not afraid of “Jewry,” as mentioned in John 7:1.  He did not want to keep His ministry a secret.  He did, however, need a certain amount of time to mentor some disciples.  He could have died for our sins the first year of His ministry and the sacrifice would have worked.  The death, burial, and resurrection (the gospel) could have happened any time and been valid.  Yet, would Peter have been ready for Pentecost if Christ had died then?  Would the writers of the gospels have had the faith to put on paper the story of Jesus?  Would James have had the foundation necessary to lead the New Testament Church through very trying times?

Aside from the death, burial, and resurrection, the most important agenda for Christ was mentoring some men for ministry

We need to get this revelation!  Mentoring is essential for the continuation of revival!  Jesus postponed His death as long as possible for this very cause.  Am I ready to die?  Have I put into someone else what others have put into me?

Each mature Christian should spend some quality time each week with a new convert.  If you have a ministry in your local church your primary objective should be mentoring someone else to carry on this ministry.  We are too often afraid that we will lose our “territory.”  If it is your territory then it is not God’s and it is not ministry.  You know a man has vision when he plants a tree knowing he will never sit under its shade.  Do you have vision?  Are you assuring that your ministry will continue after your death?

There is a cry going out to mature Christians.  “Be thou an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.”  (1 Timothy 4:12)  This is not just for pastors, but for every child of God.  Someone is following you!  Where are you leading them?

Jesus was not afraid to die!  He came to earth to die!  But He could not let them kill Him until twelve men were ready to take this gospel to the whole world.  I dare not die before I have done the same!