Alabama District United Pentecostal Church ASCEND 2023

We are living in challenging, yet exciting, times. God has promised that His truth would endure to all generations, so we must go forward knowing that there is a way to connect to this current culture, which seems to be in the constant state of change. One thing we know is that our God has always had men and women equipped for the times.

God has blessed the Alabama UPCI with some great ministry teams. We met just a few weeks ago and finalized the plans for the upcoming year. You can see that great effort has been put into providing the pastors and churches of this state with ministry opportunities to assist the local church in planning for the last day harvest.

ASCEND Magazine 2023 is an overview of state activities for the calendar year 2023. Each ministry team will follow up with detailed information concerning each of these events, but we wanted you to see a composite picture of our united effort.

Join with us as we ASCEND to the mountain top and experience and great move of God’s Spirit. We continue to team with each of you to bring true revival to our state.

Thanks to all who have worked diligently to see this happen. May God grant great revival in Alabama in the coming year.

You can download ASCEND Magazine 2023 by clicking here or the image below.

J. Stanley Davidson
Alabama District Superintendent

Please click the image to view and/or download ASCEND Magazine 2023

Please click the image to view and/or download ASCEND Magazine 2023